Special Events at Coffeemin

Are you trying to find a suitable location to hold your team building event, birthday party, wedding solemnisation or baby shower? With over 500 events and counting, just visit our Facebook page and see how others have done their events at Coffeemin!

Our facilities include Xbox, pool table, board games, 60inch TV for video screening and unlimited drinks and snacks which are very suitable for hosting any event.

Email us at if you have any other queries or to book your very own cafe today!

Coffeemin Clarke QuayBaby Shower
Coffeemin JCubeWedding Solemnization
Birthday Party

 Price = Venue fee + Cover Charge

Venue Fee ($65/hour)

minimum 2 hours
  • 2 hours
  • 3 hours
  • 4 hours+

Cover Charge

minimum 15 pax
  • $10.00/pax
  • $12.50/pax
  • $15.00/pax

*subject to event administrative fee of $65 and weekend or public holiday surcharge of $110 per event.

  Download Coffeemin event calculator to get an estimate of your event pricing today!

A 3h event for 30 people will only cost $635 on weekdays and $745 on weekends!

Per Month
  • Venue booking fee
  • Cover charge
  • Event administrative fee
  • Weekend surcharge (if applicable)
  • Total

Per Month
  • $65 x 3h = $195
  • $12.50 x 30pax = $375
  • $65
  • $110
  • $745